Sunday, June 17, 2012

The Proud Highway

It's 430 in the morning here in Omaha. I couldn't sleep at all last night, I was too exited. Well that and my circadian rhythm is fucked to hell.
Today I head out with my two best friends; my clan before I become a married man.
It is traditional for the man to celebrate his coming nuptials by throwing a party that represents an end to a mans single existence. A veritable orgy of delights the young man must leave behind in order to become one with his bride... or just because she will make his remaining years a hell if he doesnt.
For some men, that's strippers, boozes and hookers. Not me.
First, I was never big on strippers, and ironically my bride to be likes them more than I do, so that's not even on the list if things I have to give up.
Booze... Listen, that would have been brought up early and often.
Finally, whores. Never had and never will have the kind of money that makes that an acceptable pass-time these days.
So me and the crew are packing some shit and heading out on the road. The road trip we all know and love from our youth. We are following the same path that me and Garrett took on the Great Northwest Brewery tour.
That is the freedom I am exchanging. The ability to get in a car with friends and drive. Seek the American Dream with no constraints or hindrances. Take off on that proud highway with a good song, a pint of whiskey and a dream.
It's not like I was using that freedom anyway. Real life and the distaste for poverty and the life of a bum largely restrained those urges in me. It was sitting gathering dust for years. I just liked the feeling that it was there. That I could do this thing. I could charge off like a bat out of hell, scream to the heavens that I was now free.... until I needed gas money.
I could have, and it would hurt no one but me. That is not the case now.
Like so many other men, I realized that life is inherently more valuable if you have someone to spend it with. It's simple economics, increased demand leads to increased price.
Plus, I have seen the face of chronic bachelorhood. I will save the details for a later post, but suffice to say it's a life few choose.
That life demands a sacrifice. My freedom sitting dusty in a garage like a cherry sports car an owner is too afraid to take on the public road. It's been taken out a few times, but not like I had dreamed. Time to trade it in... After one last ride.

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