Sunday, June 10, 2012

The Less Than Grand Design

I was watching a special on the Discovery Channel last night on the theories of Stephan Hawking. One of those, of course, had to do with the existence of a creator.
It's my own fault. After I watched the special, I headed to the Internet. I wanted to see the insanity people would inevitably leave behind. The announcement actually came several years ago, so a lot of comments built up over the years.
There were a lot of comments saying something along the lines of, " So what? I believe in God and I will continue to."
That strikes me as the right answer.
Others said with a certain smugness that he would find The Truth when he died. Yes, that is true. The majority of the comments just saddened me. I was looking for good old American bat-shittery, crazy rants that make me want to break out the tin foil hats.
What I got was the word 'cripple' more times that I've seen in the Bible.
"He's just mad because he's a cripple and he thinks God abandoned him."
"He feels science has done more for him than God. Without it he would be a drooling crippled retard."
Let's be clear. We are talking about Stephan Fucking Hawking. Probably the smartest man since Einstein.
Shut up, cripple! Yeah, well you're in a wheelchair! He's just mad because his legs don't work!
It's my own fault. I did go looking on the Internet afterall.
Remember. If someone says something you don't like, just make fun of them for being different. That's what Jesus would do after all.

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