Saturday, June 30, 2012

Baby factory

I was watching late night television. That's part of my problem. I consume media at a time when most people are happily asleep. It's a time when there are commercials for gorgeous 18 year old girls who have nothing to do on a Friday night besides talk with you.
I saw a commercial for Surrogate Abroad. This is basically a service that allows you to hook up with a 3rd world girl to have your baby.
All I could think was where are the Christians on this one?  Don't see a whole lot of right-wingers screaming about this on Fox News.  This seems like something they would concern themselves with.  It involves two of their favorite things, educating people about reproduction and trying to control other people's lives.
Is it too new?  Do not enough people know about it? Or are we kind of okay with that and if so, what does that say about this country?

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