Saturday, January 12, 2013

Rancid Discovery

I used to love the Discovery channel, at least I think I did. I can never tell if the things I loved and now loathe changed, or if I just got older bitter and angrier. Maybe it was always this way, and I'm just now bright enough to catch on.

It seems to me though that Discovery and the History Channel have given up on intelligent programming and have gone the way of TLC replacing the last bastions of intellectual television with angry hillbillies screaming at each other.

I wonder if there is just no market for it now, assuming there ever was. I have a hard time believing that, even in a country as intellectually void as this one, there would still be enough people who want to watch something mentally stimulating as opposed to another version of the Jerry Springer show.

Either that or they are all going for the same market of slack jawed idiots that wouldn't miss an episode of Jersey Shore. It would be a sad irony, after everything that has been done to expand the options of the television audience, if choice was restricted because nobody wants to be the one to not be filling American airwaves with drunken pitched battles.

If the aliens pick up these signals, it could explain why they haven't showed yet. At least that's my hope. I don't think I want to meet the creatures that still wanted to make contact with us after we elected someone named Snookie to be a representative of our species.