Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Sympathy For Immortals: December

I full and truly finished two of the five chapters I had set as a goal for myself last month.  Not a great start, but there are some factors involved, so I'm trying to give myself some slack.

First there's the fact that I was working... quite a lot.  Tons actually.  It's probably a bit of a miracle that I got as much done as I did.

The early chapters are needing to be more or less re-written.  Later chapters will be more streamlined so that all I really have to do is cut and paste and clean-up.  Sadly, or maybe not, that will become more prominent when I actually have time to write again, so we'll see when I get that far.

The schedual still stands for now with a slight nudge the other way:

December Ch 3-5
Jan. 5-10
Feb. 10-15
March 15-20
April 20-25
May 25 - ??

Still hoping to cut several chapters out of this piece and that will lighten the load a bit, definatly won't have a second draft done until June 1 at very earliest.

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